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STAR TREK's Gates McFadden Launching a Brand New Podcast

 · Get ready to report to Sickbay. Gates McFadden, Star Trek: Next Generation's Dr. Beverly Crusher, is starting her own Star Trek podcast.

Star Trek's Gates McFadden reflects on her Next Gen

 · JULY 27, 2022 - In a recent interview with IGN, Star Trek: The Next Generation's Gates McFadden discussed a range of topics, including her new podcast, her TNG "family", and the past, present and potential future of her Star Trek character, Dr. Beverly When it comes to families, the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation have only grown closer as the years have gone by.

Gates McFadden wants to change Dr. Crusher should she return

 · Gates McFadden is looking to change things up. Star Trek: The Next Generation's Gates McFadden played Dr. Beverly Crusher for six seasons and in all all four movies. Fans knew her as the no-nonsense doctor who would stand up to Captain Picard, called the shots in the infirmary, and wasn't afraid to take chances.

Odan, der Sonderbotschafter (TNG 4x23)

 · Dr. Crusher verliebt sich in einen Botschafter der Föderation, Odan, der an Bord der Enterprise ist, um über einen interplanetarischen Disput zu verhandeln. Als Odan verletzt wird, entdeckt die Crew ein parasitäres Wesen in seinem Körper, das der wahre Botschafter ist

Beverly Crusher Won't Return in Star Trek: Picard Season 2

 · Dr. Beverly Crusher won't be in the second season of Star Trek: Picard, and perhaps nobody is more disappointed about that than Gates McFadden the first season included many notable guest appearances, Star Trek: The Next Generation fans have been wondering who might show up next. Dr. Crusher seems like an obvious choice, given her history with Jean-Luc Picard …

"Star Trek: Picard": Diese tragische Brücke schlägt die

 · Dr. Crusher munterte ihn damals an Bord der Enterprise zumindest noch auf: „Es wäre möglich, dass Sie für den Rest ihres Lebens mit diesem Defekt leben, ohne dass Sie …

Star Trek DR. BEVERLY CRUSHER Lizenzierte FanSets

Die abgebildeten Pins sind größer als die tatsächliche Größe für Details. Tatsächliche Größe = 2 Zitat If there es nothing wrong with me vielleicht ist etwas mit dem Universum falsch. Dr. Crusher wurde 2364 zum Chefarzt der Federation Starship Enterprise-D bestellt und schloss sich dem Schiff

Beverly Crusher

From 2363 - 2364 and 2365 - 2371, Dr. Crusher served aboard USS Enterprise -D as chief medical officer until that vessel's destruction at Veridian III. ( Star Trek: The Next Generation; Star Trek Generations) For one year (2364-2365), she worked as an administrator at Starfleet Medical on Earth, while her son Wesley remained aboard Enterprise.

Gates McFadden Was Fired From 'Star Trek: The Next

 · Gates McFadden, the actress who played Dr. Beverly Crusher, was notably absent from the second season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Here's the real reason.

Star Trek 50th anniversary: How Gates McFadden kept her

 · Star Trek 50th anniversary: How Gates McFadden kept her son from confusing her with Dr. Crusher. The Star Trek star who played a single mom on TV also had a child during the show's run.

The Doctors Of Star Trek, Ranked By Likability

 · Replacing Dr. Crusher for season 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Pulaski's channeling of the gruff and curmudgeonly ways of The Original Series' Dr. McCoy completely missed the mark with fans. Perhaps her antipathy towards artificial life forms, personified by Lieutenant-Commander Data, added fuel to the fire of viewers' hatred. After all, Data was a beloved and popular character on


The Queen was defeated by Dr. Crusher, who had developed a way to reverse the Queen's transformation and revert her to normal drone. With the Queen's defeat all of her drones, including Locutus, went into hibernation mode. Upon returning with Locutus/Picard to the Enterprise, Dr. Crusher was able to reverse the process, and restore Picard. At some point in the same year, Picard …

Star Trek's Dr. Crusher in New Video

 · Star Trek's Dr. Crusher in New Video. Paul V. Rea Aug 27, 2022 TV. TV. Actress Gates McFadden is best known for her decade-long voyage aboard the USS Enterprise on both Star Trek: The Next Generation …

Star Trek – Next Generation 1: Tod im Winter

»TOD IM WINTER ist gut geschrieben und erzählt eine typische STAR TREK-Geschichte, wenngleich neuerer Gangart. Neben der eigentlichen Liebesgeschichte zwischen Dr. Crusher und Picard, stehen die Neuverteilung der Rollen auf der Enterprise und im Romulanischen Imperium nach den einschneidenden Ereignissen des Kinofilms NEMESIS im Zentrum der Handlung des Buches. Dabei vermögen die

Star Trek: Picard

 · Another Star Trek: The Next Generation alum might be making her back to the franchise. Gates McFadden, who played Dr. Beverly Crusher on the Enterprise D, teased to Trek …

Dr. Crusher

Dr. Crusher is a version of Crusher from the film Star Trek: First Contact. Contents. 1 Advancement; 2 Away Team Skills; 3 Ship Ability and Bonuses; 4 See Also Advancement. These items are required by Dr. Crusher in order to advance through groups of levels. Equip Rank Equipment 1 Equipment 2 Equipment 3 Equipment 4 0 1: Starfleet Uniform (DS9) 2: Phaser Type 2 (DS9) 4: TR-580 Medical

Dr. Beverly Crusher

 · Dr. Beverly Crusher is a rare science officer in Star Trek Fleet Command in the TNG crew. She's a defensive officer who will be useful in fighting both hostiles and armadas. Captain's Maneuver. First, Do No Harm – When fighting armadas and hostiles, heal shield health points by 200% of crew health every round . This is much like Spock's shield healing ability, but different in that it

Where is DR CRUSHER?

 · Dr Beverly Crusher is certainly a fan favourite, but where is she in Star Trek: Picard? Today we look into where the character could be in the series timelin

Gates McFadden

Gates McFadden, Actress: Star Trek: First Contact. Gates McFadden was born on March 2, 1949 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA as Cheryl Gates McFadden. She is known for her work on Star Trek: First Contact (1996), Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) and …

In Star Trek First Contact Dr. Crusher should of medically

In Star Trek First Contact Dr. Crusher should of medically relieved Captain Picard of command after his argument with Worf about refusing to evacuating the ship and self-destructing it after it was clearly lost to the Borg. Dr. Crusher was Picard's personal physician and oldest friend on the Enterprise so she knew him better than anyone for the exception of Guinan, and as a trained medical

EXCLUSIVE: Gates McFadden on her new podcast

 · You know her as Dr. Beverly Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation. She appeared on six seasons of the series and all four feature films. While she breathed life into that character, which led to a still-devoted fan following, Gates McFadden is more than an actress. McFadden is also a dancer, choreographer, and movement specialist for puppets and animatronic creatures. She is a polymath

Star Trek: Why Dr. Crusher Left TNG In Season 2 (& Why She

 · Star Trek: The Next Generation introduced Dr. Beverly Crusher during its pilot episode and the long-running character is remembered for being a consistent part of the main cast, but some Star Trek fans might also remember that actress Gates McFadden left the show for a whole season. After acting as the Enterprise's chief medical officer in TNG season 1 and having her teenage son, Wesley

Treknobabble: Top 5 Trek: Beverly Crusher Episodes

 · Top 5 Trek: Beverly Crusher Episodes I have waxed rhapsodic many a time about what a MILF Dr. Crusher is. So I thought, why not catalog her greatest hits in a top 5 list? Now, it should be said, that I have two criteria for naming something a "Top Crusher Episode." First, of course, is an episode that kicks butt on its own terms, and showcases her character to great effect. But also, there is

The Movie Skewer: Star Trek: The Next Generation

 · Yes, there's a scarily accurate porn parody of Star Trek: The Next Generation, where Riker bones Troi, Data bones Tasha Yar, Dr. Crusher does a special favor for Picard (played by Patrick Stewart's long-lost clone), and Dr. Winston O'Boogie is the only reviewer with enough useless knowledge of TNG to bring it to you! But never fear, because your friendly neighborhood Porn Critic makes a …

Tilly vs. Spock – Der neue STAR TREK Review Podcast

Folgen mit Gerichtsverhandlungen haben eine lange Tradition in Star Trek. Nun, zugegebenermaßen, eine richtige Verhandlung gibt es heute nicht, aber zumindest einen Krimi. Der vermeintliche Täter dieses Mal: Dr. Crusher. Auf einer Konferenz zu einem unbekannten Thema, entdeckt der gute Doktor ihren Faible für allerhand Technologisches, so dass sie kurzerhand eine illustre Runde an

Dr. Crusher was so hot

 · I liked Dr. Crusher, and I've enjoyed Gates McFadden at conventions. She's not hard to look at, but I don't get calling her "hot". Honestly, the only time I've ever thought she looked really good was in the scene when the Duras sisters were looking at her in disgust through Geordi's VISOR in Generations - it was like extra care was taken to make her the opposite of how the sisters were

Dr. Crusher

From Star Trek Timelines. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Dr. Crusher; Base Skills: 21 Command: 42 Security: 57 Medicine: Traits: Human, Starfleet, Federation, Physician, Cyberneticist: Collections: Physician: Ship Ability: Evasion Character: Crusher: Other Variants: Crusher Versions: Dr. Crusher is a super rare [4-star] crew member. Dr. Crusher is a version of Crusher from the film Star

Terror auf Rutia-Vier

Dr. Crusher wird derweil von dem Jungen tatkräftig unterstützt, die Patienten zu behandeln, weshalb sie ihn auch lobt. Sie meint, er könne später einmal Arzt werden, es sei ein guter Beruf. Mit einem Seufzer erhebt sie sich und berichtet Finn, dass die Leute sterben werden, da eine komplizierte Krankheitsursache dem zu Grunde liege. Etwas muss die

On Star Trek: The Next Generation, why was Dr. Crusher

Answer (1 of 9): According to the wiki: "Towards the end of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, staff members convinced Gene Roddenberry to drop Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher from the show. Executive producer Rick Berman opposed this decision. To allow for McFadden's retu

Doctor Beverly Crusher

Doctor Beverly Crusher. get-the-cheese-to-sickbay. fighting-naturalist. dr. crusher with her hot milk in "cause and effect". Source: fighting-naturalist. star trek star trek tng beverly crusher. 948 notes. Jun 9th, 2022. Open in app.

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